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Catching Up

I have been working since the last time I posted. Instead of creating a post about each article, I'm writing about four together. They aren't necessarily related, but I think writing four separate entries would be, well, silly. Music for Mind, Heart, and Soul  was a writing prompt to describe the music that puts you in your happy place. Meditation, Zen and the like. The problem is, I can't just sit and listen to any music. I am always doing other things when I'm listening to music. Things like chatting, reading, paying bills and even writing. Zen is not really in my vocabulary and I think that showed in the writing.  The next one was pretty straightforward. Write about a treasured local restaurant. My article,  Local Eating in Evansville, IN , was about Merry Go Round restaurant. It's a wonderful diner-type restaurant with amazing food. It's the kind of food that reminds you of the past. I really do enjoy eating there, but it doesn't seem my article was well

It's Happening Again

 Every time I've created and tried to write a blog, I can't stick with it. I'm not sure why this happens or what to do about it. My intentions are always good but my follow-through sucks. Maybe I don't know how to properly blog. It appears I don't know how to properly do many things when it comes to writing and getting people to actually read it. Possibly everything I write is too boring for people to be interested in reading. My writing lacks direction and maybe that's the reason I'm not able to gain interest in my work. Finding my niche never happened so my writing is all over the map.  Fear is a large portion of my problem. I'm not sure which is worse, the fear of rejection or the fear that no one will ever read my writing. I really do want to do more than write, I want to be an author. Doubts really creep in when there isn't much interest in anyone reading the 1000 word story I wrote. Who then would be willing to read a whole book? Failure to fol

Writing for Peace and Stress Relief?

  I published another writing prompt today. I want to call them writing prompts because the topics are not what I would normally write about. Initially, I thought that using these prompts would be good for me. Exercise my writing muscles while I gain more experience and confidence. I'm not so sure now. I published  Music for the Heart, Mind, and Soul  today. While everything I wrote is true, I don't think it was expressive enough or interesting enough. My previously published prompt was  If You Love Ancient History  has been read five times.  My writing does need the exercise so I probably won't stop but it's probably time to do a bit of writing that is more interesting to me. If those don't gain any readership either then maybe my writing is not worthy.  Currently, my writing is not bringing me peace or relieving a bit of stress.

Poor Time Management

  I'm not sure when or why it started but I love watching shows about history. Movies, television shows, and documentaries. I do think part of it comes from watching classics like The Ten Commandments.  When I wrote  If You Love Ancient History  what I wanted to do is different than the final product because of my poor time management. Procrastination should have been my middle name.  In school, I always wrote papers the night before they were due. Everything is always last minute. It's like my brain likes to race itself to see if it can make the deadline. I hate that for writing and I don't think that will work in the end.  I want my writing to be well thought out, interesting, and worth reading. I'm still getting back into it but so far my writing is underwhelming to me, someone else would likely avoid anything that I've written.  It's not a lack of interest or passion for writing. It's just poor time management mixed with the absence of organization. Time