It's Happening Again

 Every time I've created and tried to write a blog, I can't stick with it. I'm not sure why this happens or what to do about it. My intentions are always good but my follow-through sucks.

Maybe I don't know how to properly blog. It appears I don't know how to properly do many things when it comes to writing and getting people to actually read it. Possibly everything I write is too boring for people to be interested in reading.

My writing lacks direction and maybe that's the reason I'm not able to gain interest in my work. Finding my niche never happened so my writing is all over the map. 

Fear is a large portion of my problem. I'm not sure which is worse, the fear of rejection or the fear that no one will ever read my writing. I really do want to do more than write, I want to be an author. Doubts really creep in when there isn't much interest in anyone reading the 1000 word story I wrote. Who then would be willing to read a whole book?

Failure to follow through on this blog hasn't done my self-confidence any favors. Moving forward is the only option I have. I've stayed where I am now for too long. 


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