Catching Up

I have been working since the last time I posted. Instead of creating a post about each article, I'm writing about four together. They aren't necessarily related, but I think writing four separate entries would be, well, silly.

Music for Mind, Heart, and Soul was a writing prompt to describe the music that puts you in your happy place. Meditation, Zen and the like. The problem is, I can't just sit and listen to any music. I am always doing other things when I'm listening to music. Things like chatting, reading, paying bills and even writing. Zen is not really in my vocabulary and I think that showed in the writing. 

The next one was pretty straightforward. Write about a treasured local restaurant. My article, Local Eating in Evansville, IN, was about Merry Go Round restaurant. It's a wonderful diner-type restaurant with amazing food. It's the kind of food that reminds you of the past. I really do enjoy eating there, but it doesn't seem my article was well-received.

The next two were fiction stories. I prefer fiction and my writing seems somewhat better. Games People Play was the first fiction article. It was to be about a first date involving a glass of Merlot. It's been so long since I've had a first date, it was challenging. I couldn't even tell you what people do when they go on a date now. 

The second fiction article was my favorite to write so far. Of course, I saw the typo after I hit submit. Merlin's Picturesque Prison was fun to write. It felt more natural than many of my recent efforts. He's a character I've loved since childhood. 

I really wish I knew if anyone likes the stories I've written. If not, I need a major direction change. 


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