Discovering My Family

 A few years ago I became curious about my heritage. History had become more interesting to me and one day it hit me that I really didn't know anything about my family history. 

I found out things I never knew about my family. Everything from being a Mayflower passenger descendant to having a grandmother who was an accused witch. The best part of these discoveries is that their family is well documented. 

The rest of the family, not so much. Once I made it back a few generations, the wheels fell off. I had a grandpa, great uncle, great-grandpa, and cousin all named Robert Henry. Most of them married a woman named Mary. They immigrated from Scotland where there were hundreds more of this named pair. Death certificates are major if you can find them. 

I wrote Dear Grandmas because I could not think of any women who could be more inspirational than my foremothers. Each of their stories is unique and heartwarming. Their struggles and triumphs are the reason I'm here. I want them to be proud of the person I am.


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